Pondicherry: FRENCH colonial studded with beautiful beaches in INDIA


We reached pondicherry in the morning around 8 o’clock spending all the night in the bus playing monoactions. We hired an auto to reach the hotel situated in white town, Ajantha sea view hotel . I noticed that Tamil people maintain unity after encountering into a situation. The autorickshaw drivers didn’t allow us getting into cabs and it is really hard to bargain the costs between them.

Fortunately, we got the room with a sea view.The hotel was very clean and the service was good.It is one of the older hotels of Pondicherry, this hotel which is on the promenade is an institution of its own , built in the colonial French style it still retains its charm even today.


It is an experimental community in southern part of India. It is town where people from all over the world could live in harmony which is located a few kilometres away from pondicherry!( cabs are available)

Matrimandir is the focal point in auroville as well as a place which catches an eye! It is fondly known as soul of the city. Matrimandir is a dome-styled gold plated structure which helps in reflecting the sunlight. It is futuristic, spherical temple covered on gold discs. One of the fascinating point about matrimandir is it took 37 years to build.

Matrimandir : Temple of the mother!


Visits to matrimandir is free of cost!

On the other hand ,you need to get a pass in person atleast 2-4 days in advance to enter into the temple.

Way to matrimandir:

A shaded 10 to 12 mins walk is required to visit the focal point. Fortunately, free bus service is provided for the return journey. You can see an old tree on the way.


Paradise beach!

Also known as Plage Paradiso, is an isolated beach located at chunnambar and 8 km away from pondicherry bus station.
The beach is extremely attractive as the sands are very clean and the water is crystal clear.This beach is the perfect location for spending a holiday along the glistening waters and the palm trees.

How to reach:
Visitors have to cross the Chunnambar backwaters by boat to reach Paradise Beach. These boats leave from Chunnambar boathouse around 6 km from pondicherry.

Boat timings to beach : 9am – 4pm

Entry fare: 150INR for person


Walk/drive in (whitetown)pondicherry:

White town is also known as French quarters. As the name suggests, the buildings are designed in French architecture. A well planned area where you find buildings coloured with bright yellow and white!

Oh! Did i mention that all the streets in white town are named with French names.

A lovely thing about Pondicherry is how well the people have managed to preserve the French heritage of the town while roping it in with some more modern specimens of architecture. ‘Cafe Des Arts’ is a reflection of a similar idea.

Promenade beach:

Promenade Beach (or, known as, “Pondicherry Beach”) is the popular stretch of beachfront in the city of Puducherry, India, along the Bay of Bengal. It is a 1.2-kilometre-long stretch in Pondicherry, starts from War Memorial and end at Dupleix Park on the Goubert Avenue ;Rockbeach

Walk on the (promenade) Goubert Avenue:

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pondicherry

Frenchwar memorial!

Ghandi statue!

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